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What Else Is Possible Show

Mar 28, 2018

What is the first step you need to take in order to change your life? It’s the decision. It all starts from there. My guest this week is the lovely Access Consciousness facilitator Julia Sotas, who shares her experience with the Access tools and how they changed her life forever.

On today’s podcast:

  • What would it...

Mar 14, 2018

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What do you expect from your life?

Why not choose to fly first class on every occasion? Brazilian Access Consciousness facilitator Déborah Azevedo shares her amazing journey from earning less than $100/month to becoming a Bar Facilitator and traveling all over the...

Mar 7, 2018

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What do you think of your body? Do you accept and embrace it, or do you judge it? Access Consciousness facilitator Donnielle Carter gives you the right tools to use in order to allow your body to contribute to your life.

On today’s podcast:

  • Start speaking to your...