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What Else Is Possible Show

Apr 25, 2019

What if there was an entire universe of possibilities available to us outside of what this reality tells us is possible? And what if that included how we look at addiction and recovery?

Today, my phenomenal guest is Marilyn Bradford. She was a psychotherapist when she first discovered Access Consciousness, and she specialized in addiction because of her personal struggles with this issue.

Join us to learn about the tools and programs she’s created and discovered concerning addiction and how you can begin to create something outside of this reality and choose something different.

On today’s podcast:

  • Marilyn’s story
  • Creating beyond this reality
  • What is addiction?
  • What’s right about this you’re not getting?
  • Your addiction doesn’t have power over you
  • You can only choose from the present
  • You can change anything


Find out how to create something different with addiction and recovery.

Create the life you want to have today!